Glu adds Android Beam to Gun Bros game

Social mobile games developer Glu Mobile has released an NFC-enabled version of its popular Gun Bros game.

Gun Bros Multiplayer
GUN BROS: Start games with a tap

Gun Bros Multiplayer includes support for Google’s Android Beam NFC peer-to-peer technology, enabling players to start a multiplayer game session by simply bringing two devices running Ice Cream Sandwich into close proximity with each other.

If both users already have Gun Bros Multiplayer on their devices, the players can launch multiplayer missions immediately by tapping the Gun Bros app and then tapping ‘touch to beam’. If one player has not yet downloaded Gun Bros Multiplayer, Android Beam will direct them to the download page in Android Market. Players can also invite other Gun Bros players to view their profile via NFC.

“Android Beam enhances Gun Bros’ multiplayer experience by enabling a real-time, social element that gamers previously only enjoyed in a console setting,” says Niccolo de Masi, Glu’s president and CEO.

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