NXP unveils next-generation PN547 NFC controller

The new PN547 offers twice the read/write range of its existing PN544 controller chip, is half the size, uses half the power and communicates at five times the speed.

PN547: Smaller, faster, further, cheaper

NXP has launched the successor to its best selling PN544 NFC controller chip at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today.

Key features of the new PN547 include:

  • A 50% smaller footprint, enabling the chip to be built into smaller mobile devices and take up less space in larger devices.
  • A 50% reduction in power consumption, providing NFC devices with a longer battery life.
  • A doubling of the radio frequency opearting range, as well as embedded Mifare cryptography, to provide an easier and more reliable “tapping action”.
  • A five times improvement in wireless data throughput, making NFC actions much quicker to complete.

The new chip will also enable NFC to be added to devices for a lower overall cost, says NXP, since the PN547 will allow both smaller antennas and fewer external components to be used.

The PN547 will also be available with multiple secure element interfaces, enabling it to support embedded, microSD, and SIM-based secure elements.

“NXP’s proven interoperability, leading technology and mobile transactions success story form the most powerful NFC radio in the market that sets a new benchmark for performance, footprint and lowest power consumption,” says Henri Ardevol, vice president and general manager of secure transactions at NXP Semiconductors. “Handset manufacturers demand exceptional performance to satisfy their customers. The PN547 is the industry’s only solution that meets those needs.”

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