SXSW attendees to get NFC business cards

Online identity management start-up Vizibility is offering 1,000 attendees at SXSW 2012 Interactive the chance to get a free NFC business card they can use to share contact information and personal details as well as connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.


The business cards enable NFC phone users to instantly access a cardholder’s personal, mobile-optimized microsite, provided by Vizibility, and is designed to provide professional services executives with an easy way to communicate with contacts and to integrate their mobile profile with a range of other online business services.

SXSW attendees who sign up with Visibility will get a year’s complimentary access to the company’s Premier service, a personalised mobile microsite, an NFC business card and an NFC logo sticker for their SXSW attendee badge as well as access to metrics showing their combined personal NFC and QR code usage. They’ll also get SMS alerts whenever their NFC business card or QR code is scanned.

Cards will be delivered directly to participants’ hotel rooms ahead of this year’s event, which takes place in Austin, Texas from 9-13 March.

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