Firm finds NFC users interact more than QR code users

Only 1% of interactions with the French NFC specialist’s AdTag platform are conducted via an NFC phone, but NFC users account for 8% of all interactions, the company has found.

CONNECTHINGS: Seeing a 50% increase in NFC tag reads each quarter

An analysis conducted by NFC specialist Connecthings has found that NFC phone users account for a disproportionate percentage of interactions with its NFC- and QR code-based marketing and information services platform.

The firm, which has so far distributed 24,000 tags on street furniture and in public places around Europe, found that only 1% of the people who have interacted with its AdTag platform did so with an NFC phone — but that this 1% of users accounted for 8% of all interactions.

Overall take up of NFC tag reading is also increasing rapidly, the company has told NFC World, with a 50% increase in tag reads now being recorded each quarter.

Connecthings’ platform is being used by La Poste to deliver information and marketing messages at mail boxes in Paris, to offer interactive exhibition information at museums including Paris’s Centre Pompidou and to provide real-time transit information at 17,000 bus stops and other transportation hubs in six French cities as well as Malaga in Spain and Poole in the UK.

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