GlobalPlatform and SIMalliance team up on NFC apps

GlobalPlatform and SIMalliance have announced they are to work together to create a standard way for mobile app developers to securely include calls to NFC secure elements from within their programs.

GlobalPlatform and SimAlliance

The memorandum of understanding signed by the two associations will see GlobalPlatform building on the SIMalliance’s Open Mobile API to ensure only authorized applications can communicate with applications hosted in the secure element (SE) in this manner.

“Our two associations have a long-standing relationship and we look forward to sharing expertise on this specific activity as attacks on smart phone and tablet applications increase in number and sophistication,” says Frédéric Vasnier, chairman of the SIMalliance board. “While connecting the application to the secure element via the Open Mobile API prevents many of the security breaches we see today, it is vital that we protect this communication channel — between the secure element and application — from future malicious attacks.”

“The Open Mobile API will become a de facto standard and will allow all applications to send commands to a secure element application,” explains Gil Bernabeu, technical director at GlobalPlatform. “The two associations will work together to combine the filtering technology of GlobalPlatform (known as SE access control) with the Open API, to deliver a complete solution for handset manufacturers. The work will bring many benefits to secure mobile services providers that will find a simple standard solution to protect SE services from unauthorized mobile applications.”

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