Free Press files complaint with FCC over lack of Google Wallet on Verizon Galaxy Nexus

US consumer rights organisation Free Press has filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), urging it to investigate Verizon Wireless’ actions regarding Google Wallet.

Free Press and Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
APPEAL: Free Press wants the FCC to investigate Verizon’s stance

“It appears as though Verizon Wireless is abusing its power to act as a gatekeeper and blocking applications developed by competitors,” said Free Press policy director Matt Wood in a statement. “If Verizon Wireless is restricting its subscribers from accessing such applications, it is breaking FCC rules and harming innovation in the process.

“The FCC cannot allow Verizon to continue to engage in these textbook examples of anti-competitive and anti-consumer behavior. It must enforce Verizon’s existing license conditions and adopt real net neutrality rules that protect all wireless internet users.”

Questions are also being raised more widely regarding whether Verizon has the legal right to prevent Google Wallet being pre-loaded onto its customers’ phones.

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