Sears and Kmart turn bus stop posters into stores

A Kmart QR code 'shopping wall'
SHOPPING WALL: Multiple QR codes allow smartphone users to select and buy goods from the poster. Click to enlarge.

Retailers Sears and Kmart are selling toys through QR-coded ‘shopping walls’ this holiday season.

Customers with smartphones can scan the quick response (QR) codes on advertising posters to find product information and make purchases of top-selling toys. The posters will be located in airports, malls, movie theaters and bus shelters around the US.

“As more shoppers head online to do their holiday shopping, consumers are now able to be more productive during their wait time,” says Sears’s Hugo Malan. “For example, customers can literally do all their holiday toy shopping while they wait for the bus or a delayed flight home.”

“Our goal is to make holiday shopping so simple that customers can find the perfect gift while they are traveling or going about their daily lives, and have them waiting at their doorstep when they arrive home,” adds chief digital engagement officer Julia Fitzgerald.

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  1. It is about time these companies awoken to the potential of capitalizing on this great technology, and potential of QR Codes.
    If only now the mobile carries could send a small advertisement to all their mobile subscribers to educate them further on this technology !
    It would finally complete circle and bring user and marketer tightly together.

    Bravo Sears and Kmart!

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