Newad lets shoppers buy direct from ad posters

The indoor advertising network is adding NFC to poster sites in university and college campuses across Canada that will allow students to purchase advertised products from their NFC phones, as well as to download promotional coupons and product information.

Newad and Scanvee
NEWAD: NFC touch points on poster frames kick off the direct buying process

Leading Canadian indoor advertising provider Newad is adding NFC functionality to 200 of its 4ft by 6ft Big Backlit boards located within the country’s top college and university campuses.

The service will go live in January 2012 and will allow students with NFC phones to tap their phone to an advert to download product or service information and discount coupons as well as to purchase advertised products, such as movie or concert tickets, via their mobile phone.

The Newad system uses Gauge Mobile‘s Scanvee solution. “The platform provides a store front for advertisers to attach items to the ad in the display,” Tony Vassiliev, Gauge Mobile’s CEO, explained to NFC World.

“The first time a user interacts with one of our equipped ad displays, he or she is taken to the appropriate mobile landing page which showcases the products and relevant information. The user will have the option to purchase the product by either creating an account with their credit card or use existing payment processors such as PayPal for payment.

“Subsequent to the first time a user interacts with one of our displays, he or she will be able to make one-click purchases at any one of our equipped displays across the country — simply by entering their password to confirm the purchase — and the item will be shipped to their delivery address on file.”

Jerrid Grimm, Newad’s vice president of client service, adds: “It’s a revolution for the entire out-of-home advertising industry, and we’re proud to be the first company in Canada making this announcement. The first advertisers making use of our NFC network will have the opportunity to stand out because of their commitment to innovation, and to be in tune with a clientele that is eager to take part in new consumer experiences.”

And, says Newad president and CEO Michael Reha, “This announcement is a testament to the constant evolution of advertising models, and to Newad’s ability to offer advertisers a range of cutting edge products. Not only is this good news for Newad and its advertisers, but for Canada’s entire advertising, marketing and mobility industry.”

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