Sprint developer conference to focus on NFC


US mobile network operator Sprint‘s Open Solutions Conference in Santa Clara, California from 2-4 November is to focus on the potential of NFC.

The Google Wallet partner will be giving the first 1,500 registered attendees a free Samsung Nexus S 4G NFC phone and will be providing delegates at the event with both opportunities to use NFC and a number of educational sessions, held in partnership with Google:

  • Attendees will be able to use their Nexus S 4G to obtain information from sponsors, exhibits and at breakout sessions. Each booth in the convention center will have an NFC tag or smart poster that will allow participants to tap and receive product or service information.
  • Throughout the conference venue users will find smart posters and NFC-enabled vending machines to take advantage of the technology and learn more about its uses.
  • The Sprint Mobile Commerce session will demonstrate how to leverage mobile commerce within an application or solution.
  • The NFC and Mobility session will focus on business opportunities around Google Wallet and utilising NFC technology.
  • Leveraging NFC Technology will be a hands-on coding session on how to incorporate NFC technology into applications and wireless solutions to make them richer and more useful for consumers.

Sprint is pushing NFC’s green credentials at the event, explaining that tag reading can be used to reduce the need for printed brochures and materials. “As an environmental leader in the industry, we are pleased to use NFC technology and the Nexus S 4G devices to make this our first green conference,” said Kevin McGinnis, vice president of product at Sprint. “We are excited to see the innovative and useful applications and solutions that developers, business leaders and entrepreneurs create after experiencing the power of NFC technology throughout the Open Solutions Conference.”

Readers interested in going to the event can register online. Attendance costs US$350.

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