Toppan Printing launches mini NFC tags

A new, small antenna developed by Toppan allows tags as compact as 10mm across to be read by NFC phones.

Toppan NFC tags
TOPPAN: The new NFC tags, some as small as 10mm across, are offered in many form factors

Japanese technology firm Toppan Printing has introduced a new range of small NFC tags that measure between 10mm and 20mm across.

The tags make use of a special antenna, developed in-house by Toppan, that enables the reading quality usually only offered by larger tags to be achieved at a smaller size.

“By reducing the resistance of the circuitry we were able to minimize the number of antenna loops thus improving the sensitivity despite its small footprint,” Toppan has told NFC World. “If you use the same R/W and compare tags of similar size and shape you will clearly see the improvement.”

At 10mm, phones need to be placed within very close range for the tag to be read, a company spokesman explains, “but it does work.” At 15mm to 20mm, both the reading distance and the ease of reading are high.

The tags are compatible with the full range of tag types including ISO14443 A & B as well as FeliCa and are available in a range of formats, including keyfobs, labels and straps.

The tags have a target price of US$2.99 per unit in volumes of 10,000 units, with the exact price depending on the type of chip chosen and the format of the tag.

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