Museum of London adds NFC

Visitors to the museum can find out more about particular exhibits, access vouchers, book tickets and connect via social media.

Museum of London
MUSEUM: ‘NFC helps visitors get more from their visit’ says Nokia

The Museum of London and Museum of London Docklands have introduced an NFC-based interactive service provided by Nokia‘s NFC Hub.

Visitors with NFC-enabled devices can learn more about various objects on display, buy tickets for future exhibitions and ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the museum on various social media platforms.

Visitors to the museum’s two sites can use NFC to:

  • Access vouchers for the museum’s shop and cafés
  • Book tickets for future exhibitions, such as Dickens and London
  • Learn more about exhibits such as the Lord Mayor’s Coach, a medieval brooch, a painting by gangster Ronnie Kray and many more
  • Join the Museum’s Friends scheme
  • ‘Follow’, ‘like’, and ‘check-in’ at the museum on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare
  • Download the Soundtrack to London app for Nokia smartphones.

A video showing NFC in use at the museum has been produced by Nokia:

“NFC technology has the potential to change how we interact with our visitors,” says Vicky Lee, Museum of London’s marketing manager. “By simply touching tags located throughout both our venues, visitors can delve deeper into London’s story in an immediate and engaging way, plus keep in touch with us by following the museum online.”

“The Museum of London will be one of the first public locations in London to start using NFC technology,” adds Nokia’s Rupert Englander. “This is a great example of how NFC can help visitors get more from their visit.”

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  1. What a brilliant way to share additional information and allow visitors a way to instantly engage. Other industries really need to take note of the incredible use cases of social media and technology among museums.

    Jenn Seeley
    Community Engagement – Radian6

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