Leading phone maker orders one million NFC tags from Identive

The tags are to be included in-box with each purchase of an NFC smartphone and are to be delivered to the handset manufacturer over the next six months.

TAGS: Identive's Smartag division has secured a 1m+ order from an unnamed handset manufacturer

Identive Group‘s Smartag division has won an order from “a leading mobile handset manufacturer” to design and supply more than one million NFC tags over the next six months. The tags will be included in-box with each purchase of an NFC-enabled smart phone.

“The promise of NFC is that it will both simplify and enrich our daily activities, and Identive is helping to deliver on this promise by providing the technology components to build an NFC user infrastructure for the millions of NFC-enabled devices that will become available over the next few years,” says David Holmes, Identive’s vice president of mobility and NFC solutions.

“Identive’s NFC smart tags and labels are highly differentiated in consumer tangible features such as read range and durability,” he added. “Our ability to offer high speed printing on sensitive electronic components, a large range of antenna designs and a wide variety of tags including the four standard industry types makes us a logical choice for both global and region-specific NFC programs.”

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