Proxama unveils NFC Murder Mystery game

The hi-tech version of a traditional murder mystery game uses NFC phones and tags to allow participants to discover clues hidden around a venue and to accuse their choice of suspect.

Proxama murder mystery dossier
SUSPECT:A phone-based dossier sets the scene

NFC specialist Proxama has devised a hi-tech version of a traditional murder mystery game that is designed to show businesses how easy it is to use NFC tag reading to transfer information to mobile phone users.

The NFC Murder Mystery game was tested out for the first time last week, at an event held by the Norfolk Network, a business networking group based near Proxama’s offices.

The 150 people attending the event formed into teams and each team was provided with a Nokia C7 NFC phone that they were able to use as their ‘forensic tool’ for hunting out clues that had been hidden around the venue. To discover the identity of the murderer, the teams collected clues by tapping their phone on NFC tags attached to items such as a scarf, a memory stick, a police body outline and the blood-stained murder weapon.

The teams could revisit clues as often as needed to mull over the finer details of the mystery and, once they had decided on the identity of the murderer, they returned to the start of the trail to accuse their suspect by tapping the phone to a smart poster.

Proxama murder mystery smart poster
SMART POSTER: Tap to learn about each suspect. Click to enlarge.

“This was a really good way to showcase the ability that NFC offers companies to transfer information quickly and with minimal fuss to mobile phone user,” says Neil Garner, founder and CEO of Proxama. “NFC technology is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and the best way to illustrate this is to get people to experiment with it. Whilst being lots of fun, our murder mystery showed the business audience in attendance precisely why they should start now to understand how NFC can help their companies communicate better with their customers.”

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