idOnDemand secures mobile access to corporate data with NFC

Smart identification providers idOnDemand have teamed up with NXP Semiconductors to create a secure, NFC-enabled way for staff to authenticate access to their organisation’s private information and services from mobile devices.

idOnDemand's SmartID Mobile is NFC-based

With growing use of devices such as smartphones and tablet computers to access sensitive corporate data, often only secured with a username and password, businesses have become worried about the security of those cloud-based resources.

Using an idOnDemand SmartID users can now securely authenticate to corporate or cloud resources by simply presenting their corporate ID card to their NFC-enabled mobile device and entering a PIN number, without the need for a client or custom application to be installed on that device.

“As personal smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices are being used to access corporate information, being able to securely authenticate to this information is critical,” says Chris Feige, general manager of tagging and authentication business at NXP Semiconductors.

“With our NFC controller and SmartMX embedded into an idOnDemand SmartID, customers can securely authenticate to corporate information on their mobile devices with a simple touch.”

The idOnDemand SmartID service is unique, the company says, because all personal information and logic is on the PIV-compatible smart card and not the mobile device. Organisations no longer have to provision and manage mobile software clients in the traditional sense because there is no software to install.

“For the first time, one identity card can be used for building access, visual identification, secure emails, data encryption and now to securely gain access to information from mobile devices thanks to the secure NFC solution from NXP Semiconductors,” adds idOnDemand VP Jack Bubany.

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