Access introduces combined NFC and 2D barcode airline boarding pass reader

Access Interfacing Solutions has launched a boarding gate reader which is able to handle boarding passes stored in NFC mobile phones and in contactless cards as well as standard printed boarding passes and those displayed on a mobile handset as a 2D barcode.

Access BGR125 reading NFC phone

The BGR125 offers “increased convenience to passengers over printed media and over barcoded boarding passes on mobile phones which, unlike NFC devices, need to be turned on for the document to be available to read,” says Access.

A compatible printer is also available that enables a receipt to be printed at airport check-in and boarding gates, allowing passengers to board with a receipt and with their mobile devices switched off.

The NFC and contactless capability on the BGR125 is also available as an upgrade to Access’ existing installed base of 2D barcode reading BGR devices, allowing customers — which include all of the world’s top 20 airports — to add NFC functionality without having to replace their existing boarding pass readers.

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