NFC Forum approves Clear2Pay’s Integri NFC test solution

The NFC Forum has approved a second NFC test equipment solution, the Integri NFC Test Solution from Clear2Pay .

The move follows the launch of the NFC Forum’s device certification programme in December 2010. The programme allows NFC device manufacturers to submit their products for testing for compliance with NFC Forum standards. Companies whose devices pass the certification process can then display the NFC Forum Certification Mark (PDF) on their websites, manuals, marketing and packaging materials to denote compliance and can also list certified products on the Forum’s website.

The approval of Clear2Pay’s test solution means that NFC device makers now have the choice of buying in testing equipment from either existing supplier AT4 Wireless or from Clear2Pay. They also have the option of submitting their products for testing at one of fifteen NFC Forum-approved test labs around the world.

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