Japanese social network Mixi introduces NFC check-ins

Leading Japanese social network Mixi, which has more than 21 million members, has become the first social network to offer users the ability to check into locations using near field communication. The service is compatible with Android NFC phones such as the Google Nexus S and uses Taglet, a Japanese language NFC tag reader and information sharing app launched last month.

Few details of the service have been released so far, but Mixi clearly envisages members being able to use the service to both check in at particular locations and to receive rewards.

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  1. The first company to add three to four foot read range using ISO 18000-6 RFID will own this market for social media. Payment can be in the near field; check in, loyalty, location marketing all need long read range only UHF can provide.First phone company to break through with UHF will be bigger than the iPhone.

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