Softbank stickers bring mobile payments to iPhone 4 in Japan

The Japanese mobile network operator is to provide a range of stickers compatible with the Edy, Waon and Nanaco payments services from February, enabling iPhone 4 users to make use of Japan’s well established mobile payments services for the first time.

Japanese mobile network operator Softbank is to introduce a range of polyurethane stickers that attach to the back of an iPhone 4 to enable the phone’s users to make use of the country’s widely adopted mobile payments services for the first time.

iPhone NFC payments with Waon, Nanaco and Edy
SOFTBANK: Bringing mobile contactless payments to iPhone 4 users in Japan with polyurethane stickers that double as protectors for the device's glass back.

The stickers, which are compatible with the iPhone 4 Bumpers issued to many users to mitigate the handset’s well-documented antenna problems, measure 55.4mm by 112mm long and are designed to be affixed neatly to the back of the phone. Different versions for each of the main prepaid payments services available on phones equipped with a built-in Osaifu-Keitai mobile contactless payments chip — EdyWaon and Nanaco — will be available.

The stickers, described by Softbank as ‘seals’, will be available to purchase from February 2011 at a cost of 2,980 yen (US$35).

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  1. hi x man. i hav one question. i know that sticker form factor is short term biz right. but nfc handset spread speed will be slow into market also.
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