OTI introduces Copni NFC SIM+antenna device

Contactless specialist On Track Innovations (OTI) has announced a new NFC add-on.

Copni (Contactless Payment and NFC Insert) is a SIM+antenna solution that supports credit, debit and prepaid cards, Mifare and loyalty programmes and enables users to view the current balance of their mobile wallet on their mobile phone.

“Our patented technology provides mobile operators and financial institutions/issuers with a quick-to-market NFC solution using the existing infrastructure,” says Oded Bashan, chairman and CEO of OTI. “It offers them a way to get into the mobile payment market while expanding their customer base and generating increased revenues.”

OTI's Copni SIM+antenna solution
NEW PRODUCT: On Track Innovations has announced Copni, a SIM+antenna NFC add-on

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