Alcatel-Lucent to offer turnkey NFC mobile wallet solution

Alcatel-Lucent has signed an agreement to integrate Cassis International‘s Trusted Service Manager (TSM) solution with its Mobile Wallet Service, enabling the company to offer mobile network operators the ability to provide a full range of secure NFC applications to service providers and their customers.

Alcatel-Lucent launched the Mobile Wallet Service in March 2010. The solution provides mobile network operators with a turnkey pay-as-you-go mobile wallet platform that combines proximity payments, mobile marketing, ticketing, international remittances, P2P funds transfer and m-commerce services. The new deal will see Alcatel-Lucent using Cassis’ MobileMatrix NFC mobile payments platform and OTA trusted services management technology to enable service providers to securely distribute, provision and activate a wide range of NFC applications.

“This partnership completes our turnkey mobile payment and marketing offering for mobile operators and NFC consortia,” says Anthony Belpaire, general manager of Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Wallet Service. “The combination of Cassis’ unique expertise on TSM with Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Wallet Service offering, worldwide presence and integration expertise creates a unique market proposition. With this offering, we can enable our mobile carrier customers to provide a kind of ‘SIM app store’ so payment, ticketing and lots of third party applications can be provided to any NFC handset into the hands of the carriers’ customers.”

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