Sprint investigating multiple mobile payment options

Mobile network operator Sprint, the only major US operator not involved in the new Isis NFC payments project, says it is now looking at a number of different ways to offer mobile payments — in collaboration with banks and other card issuers rather than in competition with them.

“Although we are not part of [the Isis] announcement, Sprint is currently investigating several options on how to bring mobile payments to our customers,” a spokesperson for the US mobile network operator has told FierceMobileContent.

“Given our open philosophy, Sprint does not want to compete with the card companies and banks that people already may use. We want to partner with companies that help our customers pay in the manner they choose. We’re not here to recreate a proprietary solution but to enable our partners and their customers to connect in the easiest and most productive way possible.”

Last month Sprint introduced a mobile wallet solution that lets subscribers make online purchases with their mobile phone using a wide range of payments instruments including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and more. “It’s basically a container that allows you to very easily put your own financial instruments into the device and then choose how you want to use them,” Sprint’s director of open enablement Kevin McGinnis told FierceMobileContent.

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