New report identifies the latest thinking on NFC business models

A new research report by Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World, sets out the latest thinking on how to develop successful NFC business models and explains the options available to mobile network operators, handset manufacturers, financial institutions, third party service providers — and their potential customers.

NFC Business Models research report
NEW: Essential information and strategies you can use to define your business model

NFC Business Models is a new research report that sets out the tasks involved in creating a commercially successful NFC infrastructure and provides readers with the latest thinking in terms of both the strategies available and the most likely routes to success.

The research report, to be published in December 2010, provides detailed guidance on the lessons learned to date, the questions that need to be addressed and the options available for mobile network operators, handset manufacturers, financial institutions and others looking to build new revenues from the provision of NFC services.

NFC Business Models covers:

  • Developing a business model for an NFC infrastructure. The business functions it must perform, the types of infrastructure available, the roles and responsibilities of the different players in the market, how to create a specification of requirements, who should participate in the planning process and the ownership options available.
  • Business models for secure element issuers. The options available to mobile network operators, handset manufacturers, financial institutions, technology providers and other organisations seeking to generate revenues from the provision of NFC services to other businesses and to government.
  • Building a viable NFC service ecosystem. Minimum requirements for success, building a successful consumer proposition, gaining buy-in from merchants, bringing service providers on board. The case for NFC, and the issues to be resolved, in payments, transport, ticketing and entertainment, advertising, marketing and customer relationship management, retailing, social networking, government and corporate ID, connectivity, healthcare, education, city services and more.
  • Launch strategies. Building critical mass, choosing the right bridging technologies, target consumer demographics, the key service providers required to succeed in phases one, two and three of a commercial rollout.

A second research report, NFC Technologies and Systems, will also be published in December. This report sets out in non-technical language exactly how NFC handsets, devices and back office systems work — and provides the in-depth understanding of the technology required to unlock its true potential.

Research undertaken for these reports has transformed our thinking about the kind of commercial arrangements potential NFC service providers should be making, the business models that are most likely to succeed and who is best positioned to profit from the imminent arrival of NFC.

Both new research reports are available to pre-order from today for £597 (approx US$939/€673) each, a saving of £200 on the post-publication price. Further information on NFC Business Models and on NFC Technologies and Systems, including a full table of contents for each report, is available on the SJB Research website.

The new research reports form part of The NFC Report, SJB Research’s major international research project examining the A-Z of NFC technology, applications, business models and markets. Buyers of The NFC Report will receive these two new reports plus NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment and further reports to be published during 2011 for just £1,097 (approx US$1,726/€1,236) — a saving of over £800.

Existing buyers of The NFC Report will be sent these two new research reports automatically on the day of publication.

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