Qualcomm hunts NFC specialist to head up digital development

Wireless telecomms technology and chipset giant Qualcomm is set to become the latest mobile industry player to put an NFC expert at the heart of its digital development strategy.

Qualcomm CDMA Technologies is looking for a ‘director of digital development’ to be responsible for leading “near field communications and digital development for other wireless connectivity technologies.” The position involves overseeing chip development, testing and certification.

The company is seeking candidates with an “in-depth understanding of the various NFC standards, usage model, and market place.” As well as 10 years experience in digital hardware development, applicants will also have “had experience with successful development and launch of an NFC product” and have an in-depth understanding of NFC systems extending to the analog, digital, firmware, and software aspects.

The news comes just weeks after Apple hired an NFC expert to manage its mobile commerce activities. Rival chipset supplier Broadcom has also recently spelled out its intention to offer support for near field communication with the acquisition of UK-based NFC specialist Innovision.

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