Lenovo adds NFC functionality to ThinkPad laptop PCs

Laptop computer maker Lenovo has begun offering near field communication functionality as an optional extra to buyers of its T410, T510 and W510 ThinkPad laptops.

The NFC option is available now to enterprise clients and will be available to consumers on a worldwide basis within the next few months. The move follows the company’s decision to use an NFC reader/writer module, known as the TN33MUE002L, which has been jointly developed by NXP and Toppan Forms.

The reader/writer module combines NXP’s PN533 NFC controller with hardware module and software driver packaging developed by Toppan Forms. It is compatible with ISO 14443 type A and B contactless cards and with both the Mifare and FeliCa transportation and payments technologies. The module utilizes a PC/SC conformant driver, is compatible with existing PC/SC applications and is Windows Certified.

Target applications include online banking, e-commerce, e-government and secure log-in for PCs, says NXP’s Henri Ardevol. “The expansion of NFC into these kinds of platforms will provide exciting new possibilities for consumers to experience secure transactions on their PC, such as authentication of payments, secure online banking and a range of government services,” he explained.

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