Gentag develops NFC compatible disposable wireless sensors

Disposable wireless sensors specialist Gentag has announced that it has successfully tested the use of its technology with an NXP NFC controller, opening up the market for NFC phones to be used to read a wide range of disposable sensors designed for use in the medical sector.

“We have already shown or are in the process of showing the technology applied to wireless thermometers, pedometers, medical-grade pressure sensors (‘smart’ skin patches) or applications such as digital sensors and blister packs,” says John P Peeters, founder and CEO of Gentag. “Our tests and technology platform show that any sensor or device, including passive (no battery) sensors can now be read by the next generation of RFID cell phones using our patented technology. This will create unlimited new opportunities for consumer sensor-application ‘bundles’ with the next generation of cell phones.”

Creating a solution to enable the sensors to be read by an NFC phone required a number of complex technical issues to be resolved, says Peeters, in particular with regards to “adapting a technology meant to read unique IDs to also be used for any sensor application, including analog sensors.”

Gentag holds a number of patents related to the use of mobile phones in combination with disposable sensors in both the medical and security fields. “A particular focus area for Gentag using RFID cell phones is diagnostic applications,” says the company. “RFID sensors can be integrated into low cost, non-invasive, disposable diagnostic devices such as ‘smart’ disposable wireless skin patches or personal drug delivery systems and read directly with a cell phone.”

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