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Moscow Metro and MTS to launch NFC ticketing service in Q4 2010

MTS subscribers will be able to visit special kiosks at Moscow Metro stations to equip their phones with a SIM+antenna solution that enables them to charge their travel costs to their mobile phone bill.

Moscow Metro map
UNDERGROUND: Moscow Metro's commercial NFC ticketing system will arrive later this year

Moscow Metro has partnered with mobile network operator MTS to introduce an NFC-based transit ticketing service from the fourth quarter of 2010.

Kiosks are to be set up at Moscow Metro stations where MTS subscribers will be able to buy a SIM+antenna solution that enables them to add NFC functionality to their existing phones. Once equipped with the new solution, commuters will be able to purchase metro tickets by simply transferring funds from their mobile phone account to the new e-ticket application on their phone.

“Moscow Metro is the most popular transport service in the city,” explains Moscow Metro head Dmitry Gayev.  “We are constantly working to make it as comfortable as possible for our passengers. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to offer them a new convenient way to pay for travel using mobile technology. This trend is very promising — almost all Russian citizens have a mobile phone today and we are confident that our passengers will appreciate this opportunity.”

Expansion of the service to other Russian cities is also planned. “One of the basic principles of MTS is the creation of innovative mobile services that bring new capabilities to our customers and improve the quality of life,” says Michael Gerchuk, MTS’ vice president for commerce. “We are confident that, thanks to its functionality and user friendly interface, this unique project for Moscow Metro will become widespread in other regions and will be another step in the development of mobile payment services in our country.”

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