All new Nokia smartphones to come with NFC from 2011

The announcement was made by a top Nokia executive at the Mobey Forum’s 10th anniversary meeting in Helsinki this morning.

Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki
VANJOKI: All new Nokia smartphones will feature NFC from next year

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia‘s executive vice president for markets, has announced that all new smartphones introduced by the company from 2011 will come with NFC. Vanjoki, who is responsible for consumer insights, sales, marketing, manufacturing and logistics across all Nokia products and services, made the announcement during a keynote presentation at the Mobey Forum‘s 10th anniversary workshop in Helsinki this morning.

Vanjoki wasn’t able to give specific details about the new smartphone models, Liisa Kanniainen, executive director of the Mobey Forum, has told NFC World. But delegates were informed that more information will be made available “in due course”.

Vanjoki was also asked whether the new smartphones would support the Single Wire Protocol (SWP), says Kanniainen. In reply, he explained that the phones would support all open business models, suggesting that they will include support for both SWP and other secure element formats such as MicroSD cards and, perhaps, an embedded secure element too. A set of tools is also to be made available to third party application developers.

The announcement follows concerns in the NFC market that Nokia was pulling back from its long-term support for near field communication technology, following the news earlier this year that Nokia had cancelled plans to put its long-awaited 6216 Classic NFC phone into production.

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  1. Hurrah, at last we will all be able to all benefit from NFC. This is great news for consumers, Nokia, and the mobile and banking market in general.

    Derek Greene
    AZO Consulting Ltd

  2. Smartphones! What about entry level phones?
    In order for NFC to spread there should be a wide range NFC enabled handsets deployed. Otherwise it makes no sense.

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