Innovision launches 512 byte NFC tag

Innovision Research & Technology has launched a new NFC tag with more than five times the memory of its existing NFC tag. Both are NFC Forum Type 1 tags and are, therefore, compatible with any NFC device.

The new Topaz-512 has 512 bytes of memory compared to the existing Topaz tag’s 96 bytes. The extra capacity, says Innovision, will enable it to be used for a range of more sophisticated applications and to add extra security functionality, including the use of digital signatures to authenticate data stored on the tags.

The idea, Innovision explains, is to “help bridge the gap between low-memory tags and high-cost products that typically target high-security payment applications, such as contactless credit cards.”  Potential applications include business cards, the delivery of digital content via smart posters and automatic SMS messaging applications.

“Clearly, payment and ticketing will be an important part of NFC evolution,” says Stephen Graham, Innovision’s vice president of marketing, “but non-payment applications are emerging as a key driver for early NFC adoption.”

The new tags are available in a variety of form factors including cards, stickers, keyfobs and waterproof laundry tags and are available direct from Innovision’s website.

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