Gemalto provides KDDI with end-to-end NFC security solution

Gemalto has provided further details of the role it is playing in Japanese mobile network operator KDDI‘s extensive NFC field test, which went live last month.

As we reported in April, KDDI has partnered with an extensive range of service providers for its trial, including Toyota, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan Airlines (JAL), Toho Cinemas and card issuers Orient Corporation, Credit Saison and Aiwai Card Services.

Gemalto is providing KDDI with NFC SIMs and its Trusted Service Management (TSM) solution for the trial and has been entrusted with the preparation and management of sensitive user information sent between KDDI and other service providers, as well as the provision of multiple mobile applications to subscribers.

“We selected Gemalto based on their global expertise, sound experience and achievements in the field of NFC,” explains KDDI’s Kenichi Bandou.

Currently, says Gemalto, 18% of mobile subscribers in Japan are actively using the country’s existing non-NFC standard mobile contactless services. “Japan is a leading market in contactless services with a well-established infrastructure,” explains Tan Teck-Lee, president of Gemalto Asia. “We look forward to providing our proven expertise and globally acquired experience to further enrich this dynamic ecosystem, to bring a new dimension in contactless usage to Japanese mobile users.”

The trial is set to continue until December 2010.

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  1. I wish I was in Asia. In France we are very pessimistic about NFC now. Investors in France stop believing in NFC for Europe. They start investing in 2D barcodes as wholesale. NFC manufacturers are fed up with trials and sample giveaways. They are all waiting for a real contactless deployment. We are launching NFC stickers in Africa at Lemon Way. No serious lead in Europe. I am sad to say that I think Africa and Asia will show Europeans the contactless way ! Unless our French tri-operator alliance is courageous enough to go NFC with SFR+Orange+Bouygues Telecom? We will see! Someone has to show us the way and invent the future for the next generations.

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