US Bank to test NFC in Q4 2010

US Bank is to run an NFC pilot from the fourth quarter of 2010, Brandon McGee reports from the Mobile Banking & Emerging Applications Summit in Las Vegas.

The pilot will include a Mobile Shopping Concierge service which will include a wide range of enhanced shopping services such as mobile coupons, offers, recipes and shopping lists plus loyalty card, savings summary and grocery store layout functions.

US Bank will be using DeviceFidelity‘s NFC add-on for its pilot. In February, Visa announced it would be running a series of trials using the MicroSD format device and, last month, a protective sleeve enabling the device to be used with Apple’s iPhone was also introduced.

And a survey of delegates attending the event indicates that US Bank won’t be the only bank looking to offer NFC services to US consumers in the year ahead. In total, 18% of attendees say they plan to offer NFC services in one form or another in the coming year.

Update: The Mobile Shopping Concierge service and the NFC payments service are components of two separate trials that US Bank is planning, a bank spokesperson has told NFC World. The two trials form part of a wide range of mobile banking initiatives that the bank has lined up for 2010, Bank Technology News reports:

On the agenda for the rest of 2010 are mobile P2P payments, facilitated by a deal with CashEdge; mobile RDC in partnership with Firethorn; a mobile rewards program called FlexPerks mobile that will send offers to consumers via their mobile device; MicroSD based payments, and a mobile shopping concierge that will used location-based information to send specific coupons to a customer based on where the customer is in a specific retail store.

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