300 million NFC chips to ship in 2015, says ABI

Demand for NFC chips for use in mobile handsets, computer and consumer electronics and mobile handset peripherals will see the world NFC chip market reaching 300m units in 2015, according to a new report from ABI Research.

“Mobile handsets remain the key market for NFC but increasingly the potential of the technology is driving NFC into other devices and form factors,” says ABI’s Jonathan Collins, author of Near field communications: Embedded and aftermarket contactless applications for mobile devices and other consumer products. “The potential to offer NFC to handsets with microSD slots is helping to change the mobile handset landscape for many NFC vendors and supporters,” he added.

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    1. Hmm, well, I don’t envy anyone tasked with having to forecast what the NFC market will look like in five years time. My guess is that the market will be somewhere between 300 million and 785 million units, give or take a bit. Then again, it could be a bit more, or a bit less, or somewhere not even close 🙂

      What do you think?

  1. As much as I like Mike and crew at ABI, they do not have a clear visibility over what’s happening in Asia. As one of the largest NFC suppliers over there we do not believe NFC chip in a cell phone will take off any time soon, regardeless of the market push of NFC Forum. It is too late, the train left the station, alternative solutions exist and are meeting clients’ requirements. Mobile payment alone will not cut it??!!

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