Turkcell also planning to launch NFC in Turkey by end of 2010

Following on from the news that Garanti Bank and Avea look to be planning a commercial NFC launch in July this year, Turkish publication Hurriyet reports that mobile network operator Turkcell also plans to introduce NFC before the end of 2010.

According to Hurriyet’s report, Cenk Bayrakdar, chief product and service management officer at Turkcell, announced the move at a press conference yesterday:

Bayrakdar said mobile wallet applications were likely to transform people’s lives via near field communication, or NFC, technology. “NFC payment volume is expected to reach $30 billion globally in 2012. In 2014, one in each six people will be using NFC-compatible phone.”

“In Turkey, around 500 million liras will be paid via mobile phones in 2012,” said Bayrakdar. “However, there are currently three phones with NFC support, and these phones have not expanded. We expect NFC compatibility will become a standard feature in all phones and the expansion of NFC-supported phones in 2012.”

Due to the delay in the commercial market presence of NFC-compatible phones, Bayrakdar said interim solutions such as antenna, micro SD card and external apparatus would be supported for a while. He said the desired solution would be to have all the features in the SIM card of a NFC-supported phone.

“New SIM cards will be available close to the end of 2010,” he said.

Turkcell has been involved in studies of NFC with Garanti Bank and Akbank over the last two years, Bayrakdar said, and expressed plans to offer commercial use of the mobile wallet toward the end of this year.

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