Vivotech partners with Taggo for NFC and sticker-based loyalty programmes

NFC specialist Vivotech has signed a partnership with Taggo, the sticker-based mobile loyalty programme platform provider founded by high profile customer loyalty specialist Aneace Haddad.

Taggo enables consumers to sign up for multiple customer loyalty programmes via SMS and then identify themselves at the point-of-sale via a single Taggo sticker attached to their mobile phone. Taggo’s service is offered to companies wishing to provide mobile loyalty programmes via a network of established loyalty and membership card programme providers such as Memberson in Singapore.

Under the new deal, Vivotech will build support for the Taggo platform into its loyalty, coupon, and prepaid software platform and into its Vivopay 8000 series contactless POS terminals.

“Vivotech’s consumer payment devices and loyalty and prepaid software platform, combined with Taggo’s one-step enrollment and membership storefront service, create a complete solution for companies that want to quickly and easily offer mobile marketing services to retailers and other organizations,” says Vivotech.

“The mobile revolution is gaining momentum and retailers need to be equipped with solutions that will allow them to deliver personalized and real time services to their customers,” explains Mohammad Khan, Vivotech’s president and founder. “Taggo and Vivotech together help remove the barriers to entry for retailers to adopt mobile loyalty, marketing, and payment programs.”

“Retailers need a wide selection of loyalty, prepaid and mobile marketing solutions to choose from,” adds Taggo’s Aneace Haddad. “Our partnership with Vivotech makes it easier for CRM, POS, loyalty and prepaid solution providers to quickly add contactless enabled mobile services to their offering.”

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