Sagem Wireless unveils NFC-enabled Android phone

UPDATED The Netribe is a touchscreen Android tablet phone that includes near field communication, biometrics and ‘brand-specific industrial design’, suggesting that, as with the company’s Puma phone, brands will be able to customise it to their needs.

SLICK: Sagem Wireless's Netribe Android handset combines NFC and good looks

Update: The Netribe is not a specific phone, Sagem Wireless has now told NFC World. Rather, says the company, it is “an Android platform on which we can implement NFC or any other technology.”

Just two months after announcing the NFC-enabled Cosyphone, Sagem Wireless has released the first details of a second NFC device — the Sagem Netribe. Like the recently announced Puma phone, developed by Sagem Wireless for the sportswear brand, Netribe also looks set to be made available for brands to customise to the needs of their consumers.

“Netribe is more than an Android open OS tablet phone, it is the foundation of a set of deeply branded connected lifestyle devices and services,” says Sagem Wireless. “By integrating technologies like solar cells, biometrics, atmospheric sensors [and] NFC, combined with brand specific industrial design, user interface and connected services, Netribe is the cornerstone of deep connected mobile brand experience.”

The Netribe is expected to be available from the third quarter of 2010 at a cost of around US$150.

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