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NBS adds NFC to its UbiQ card personalisation system

Card personalization and secure ID specialist NBS Technologies has added NFC capability to its UbiQPersoMaster personalisation software suite.

The new NFC application enables financial institutions to automate the process of uploading their customers’ card details to their NFC mobile phones, or to an external NFC add-on such as a MicroSD card, from within the UbiQ system.

UbiQ enables financial institutions to upload card data to NFC-enabled phones over-the-air and also offers the option of adding card details to a phone from within a bank branch, using NBS’ Xpressi branch and instant issuance software. Here, customers simply touch their NFC phone to a contactless reader/writer installed in the branch in order to have their card details transferred to the phone. “Device authentication is utilized along with end-to-end encryption to ensure data integrity and security,” says NBS.

“We felt that our foray into NFC-enabled personalization was a logical step for UbiQ Software, since we have had extensive success within the card personalization software business,” says Ron Stephenson, director of NBS’ UbiQ Software division.

“NBS’ most recent implementation of UbiQPersoMaster’s NFC personalisation software application was through a partnership with one of the world’s largest credit card companies,” says NBS. “The project included the personalization of NFC-enabled cell phones to allow for credit card transactions — the application proved to be both easy to implement and very robust.”

“NBS has also successfully developed and tested an NFC-enabled RFID device, which is inserted into the phone post-issuance,” the company continues. “The issuance of an NFC-enabled RFID device allows for larger batch production of personalised devices which can be sent to bureaus and provides attractive cost efficiencies.”

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