Veolia Transport appoints Trusted Labs to validate NFC applications

Veolia Transport has appointed Trusted Labs to validate the company’s NFC transport application, which will be deployed as part of the Nice NFC City pre-commercial pilot due to take place from the second quarter of 2010.

Trusted Labs will be responsible for validating both the midlets, which reside directly in the handset, and the Java Card applications in the SIM card.

The validation aims to check that the application conforms to the functional and security rules defined by AFSCM, the French mobile operators’ contactless technology association, and that it correctly uses the resources available to the applications such as data, services and network connection.

“We have had the privilege of working with Trusted Labs since 2007, and have found they truly are a trusted partner,” says Dominique Descolas, head of ticketing and services on mobile phones at Veolia Transport. “With the help of their validation services we can roll out applications that are innovative, useful, and secure for both end users and operators. This project is just one such example — and we expect there will be many more in the future.”

“Trusted Labs has been validating applications since 2004, and has invested heavily to automate certain procedures for more accurate and reliable results,” adds Claire Loiseaux, CEO of Trusted Labs. “We are honoured to participate in Europe’s first large-scale NFC validation process, to increase confidence in the security of NFC applications.”

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