Banka Koper begins NFC payments and promotions trial in Slovenia

Trial participants can use their Sagem Wireless NFC handsets to make payments and to collect information and promotional coupons from smart posters.

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VALUE ADDED: The trial also offers a range of interactive mobile services

Slovenia’s Banka Koper has begun a trial of NFC payments which is due to continue until June 2010.

Cassis International, Inside Contactless and Sagem Orga have teamed up to supply the NFC system being used by the bank, in cooperation with Mobitel, Slovenia’s leading mobile network operator.

Participants will be using NFC handsets supplied by Sagem Wireless for the trial and will be able to make purchases at points of sale equipped to handle MasterCard and Maestro PayPass contactless payments cards.

They can also use their NFC phones to access a series of interactive mobile services — including contextual information, advertisements and coupons — based on smart posters.

Banka Koper’s payment service will be provisioned over-the-air onto a single wire protocol SIM card. Both the MasterCard M/Chip application and Mobitel’s single wire protocol NFC SIM card have been developed by Sagem Orga. The NFC-compliant Mobitel handset, manufactured by Sagem Wireless, incorporates Inside Contactless’ MicroRead NFC solution, which handles communication with NFC terminals, tags and other NFC handsets, and also includes Inside’s Wave-Me applet for interaction with smart posters.

Application and SIM card life cycle management is performed over-the-air by Cassis’ MobileMatrix trusted service management (TSM) solution. Cassis is also providing the certified payment user-interface and smart poster management based via its PosterMatrix software platform.

“This pilot gathers state-of-the-art technologies from leaders in the industry,” says Gojmir Nabergoj, senior advisor at Banka Koper. “We aim to leverage smart card and mobile technologies to enable simpler and more secure payments, and to offer value added products which really makes a difference to customers.”

“Mobitel has extensive experience of innovative mobile services, especially in the field of payment,” added Marko Jagodič, service unit manager at Mobitel. “Thanks to our industrial partners we were able to create a new experience of mobile payment.”

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