Twinlinx NFC sticker set for commercial launch in March 2010

Twinlinx’s NFC sticker, which enables full NFC functionality to be added to any Bluetooth mobile phone, is set to go into commercial production in three months time.

My-Max stickers incorporate three separate chips. The first handles the device’s contactless interface, the second handles the Bluetooth interface with the mobile phone and the third acts as the secure element. And, because the secure element is separate to the other chips, My-Max issuers are free to choose which chip they want to use for the secure element, from a wide range of standard contactless smart card chips that have already passed Visa/MasterCard certification processes.

My-Max will be available in March 2010 from both Twinlinx and established SIM and smart card supplier Sagem Orga. Last month, Sagem Orga signed a deal with Twinlinx that will see the company adding My-Max stickers to its product range, under the SIMply Mobile Wallet brand name.

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