IP specialist produces who’s who of NFC patent holders

TechIPm, a research and consulting firm specializing in technology and intellectual property mining, has carried out an analysis of the strength of the patent portfolios held by companies in the NFC market.


For its analysis, TechIPm used the Innography intellectual property business intelligence tool, which correlates patent data with financial, litigation and other key business information to generate visualizations of the technology landscape in a particular business sector.

According to TechIPm, “As of Oct. 20 2009, the key IPR holders and their IPR shares for NFC are as follows: Sony (229), Nokia (130), Microsoft (76), Philips (67), Broadcom (65), Samsung (58), Motorola (57), NXP (43), First Data (22), Qualcomm (22), IBM (19), Vodafone (18), and Inside Contactless (17).”

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