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All the latest news from around the NFC ecosystem including a new Toshiba NFC phone now under development, Telecom Italia’s new mobile commerce service, Visa Australia increases contactless transaction limit, Twinlinx and Windows Mobile, Montreal’s new contactless ticketing system, MoLo Rewards’ NFC coupon and loyalty solution and more…

NEWSWIRE: Where NFC news breaks first
NEWSWIRE: Where NFC news breaks first

As the NFC market begins to heat up, more products, field trials and commercial services are getting announced every week in both the core near field communication market and in related business areas and technologies.

Our new NFC Newswire service is designed to keep you informed of all the latest developments in the market, as they happen. Each article is short and to the point and, if you follow us on Twitter (we’re @nfcw), you’ll get these breaking news stories automatically.

And, whenever there’s an important news development, we’ll be putting it on the NFC Newswire straight away — and then following up with those involved so we can write about it in full for Near Field Communications World.

We’re building the NFC Newswire into the main Near Field Communications World site too (This should go live in the next few days This is now live) so, if you’re a regular visitor, you will see all the latest developments every time you visit and, if you read our RSS feed, you’ll get the NFC Newswire stories too.

Of course, if you’re happy to wait, we’ll also be rounding up all the top stories in our regular email newsletter too!

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