MoLo Rewards launches NFC coupon and loyalty system at DEMOfall

According to the official announcement:

MoLo Rewards’ technology, protected by an already issued US patent, allows consumers to interact with the point of sale (POS) and redeem within seconds every valid and applicable coupon within their “mobile wallet” with a single tap of the device at a contactless reader installed at the POS. The MoLo Rewards system automatically determines based on the consumer, store, and purchases, what coupons are valid and pushes the relevant coupons to the retailer. Once the transaction is complete, MoLo Rewards issues loyalty rewards which accrue allowing for the end user to obtain various goods and or services. Throughout the entire process, MoLo Rewards is able to track consumers creating a database that provides targeted coupons and other incentives specific to each consumer based on their shopping habits and location.

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