NFC stickers continue to gain acceptance

OPINION: Despite a raft of recent announcements by those involved in the development of NFC handsets, it’s clear that contactless stickers still have an important role to play in the widespread adoption of NFC.

Both MasterCard, with the new Blaze Mobile MasterCard PayPass programme, and Belgacom, with its new national PingPing initiative, have chosen to move forwards now with NFC stickers rather than waiting for NFC handsets to become commonly available. Both clearly, though, are planning to switch to full NFC as soon as it becomes practical to make the upgrade.

Sarah Clark, Editor

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  1. There is another option other than using "stickers" or waiting for the "single wire" system controled by GSMA – a SIM card which has all RFID components internally. The result is that ANY GSM cell phone is a NFC cell phone. These SIM cards have been working in a trial mode for more than a year with a large carrier, interfacing with a large financial clearing house. The process includes phone to phone transfers, use of credit/debit/loyalty cards internally, with an e-Wallet. More.

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