Welcome, Using RFID readers!

Today Near Field Communications World is pleased to welcome readers of Using RFID, which has been acquired by SJB Research…

Hello, and thanks for dropping by. As you’ll see when you look round Near Field Communications World, we’re brand new. If you lean a little closer to your monitor you may even be able to smell the fresh paint.

But don’t let our ‘newness’ put you off — in the handful of news stories published so far we’ve already mentioned 33 NFC suppliers, customers and other organisations and you can be sure that there’s lots more editorial content and functionality on the way.

(By the way, if you have news we’d like to hear about it. There’s no better way to get your own organisation mentioned than to tell us what you’re doing!)

Near Field Communications World launched on Tuesday 4 November, to coincide with the opening of the Cartes & IDentification conference and exhibition in Paris, France. The rest of our team is there right now, gathering news to bring to you as soon as they get back.

In the meantime please do have a look around. If you already get Using RFID’s email newsletter you’ll find it will re-brand with the next issue and become the Near Field Communications World email newsletter; there’s no need for you to sign up again. You can also read us via our RSS feed or even follow the headlines on Twitter. And now might also be a good time to bookmark this site so you’ll find it easily when you want to come back.

So, welcome to Near Field Communications World, and please do feel that you can get involved as we put together an information resource designed to benefit all those operating in the NFC space. Comment on our news stories, let us know what you think, send us news, rumours and tip-offs, share your knowledge with the wider NFC community, promote your business, products, white papers and more and, above all, let’s work together to make NFC a huge global success. The world needs this technology. Let’s go to work!

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