VTB lets customers make contactless ATM withdrawals with digital bank cards

Customers of Russia-based bank VTB can now use a digital debit or credit card to make contactless cash withdrawals from its ATMs using their iOS or Android device.

VTB logo

The bank has made the service available through its VTB Online mobile app, and enables users to scan a QR code on an ATM’s main screen, select a digital card and the amount they want to withdraw and then verify the transaction in the app with their PIN.

The entire operation is carried out in the mobile app, with no need to touch the ATM, VTB explains.

“Our strategic goal is to simplify operations in self-service devices on an ongoing basis and minimise the use of plastic cards,” VTB’s Anton Shikulo says.

“Withdrawing cash using digital cards is a simple and convenient way to minimise unnecessary contacts.”

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