Hong Kong virtual bank launches ‘all-in-one’ numberless debit and credit card

Mox virtual bank ‘all-in-one’ numberless debit and credit card
FLIP SPENDING: Cardholders can switch their card between credit and debit in the bank’s app

Customers of Hong Kong-based virtual bank Mox can now apply for an “all-in-one” numberless payments card that they can choose to use as either a debit or a credit card whenever they make a transaction.

Users can link the new Mox Card to both their Mox bank and credit card accounts and use a “flip” functionality in the bank’s mobile app to switch their spending from one account to the other.

“Flipping between debit and credit spending on the Mox Card is easy for Max Credit customers,” the bank explains.

“In the Mox app, simply click on ‘view details’, then the ‘flip’ button, and follow the steps. If you want to switch back on spending on Mox Credit, simply repeat the process.”

Mox — which is owned by banking giant Standard Chartered — developed the all-in-one card in partnership with Mastercard.

“When we launched Mox Credit, some customers told us they hoped to enjoy the flexibility and choice of flipping between debit and credit spending on the Mox Card,” says Mox CEO Deniz Güven.

“Working closely with Mastercard, we now help our customers further unlock the potential of the Mox Card, enabling them to easily spend on debit or credit.”

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