Coca-Cola gives away mobile wallet credits for ‘free Cokes’ in US restaurants

Coca-Cola summer tastes better advert
GIVEAWAY: US consumers can now sign up to get a credit on their mobile wallet to buy a free Coca-Cola

Consumers in the US can now receive a US$2.50 credit to their mobile wallet that they can use to buy a Coca-Cola beverage at any restaurant that accepts card payments.

The drinks giant is issuing the giveaway in the form of Mastercard mobile wallet credits to encourage consumers to support local restaurants as the Covid pandemic continues to affect the restaurant industry, according to a report in Food and Wine magazine.

“Coca-Cola admits that while, technically, the mobile wallet won’t be able to tell how you spend the money, the whole point of the promotion is to benefit local restaurants, so the company is simply encouraging everyone to hold up their end of the bargain, and infuse their favourite restaurants with a bit of extra cash — $2.50 at a time — preferably by adding a Coca-Cola soft drink to their meal,” the magazine says.

Consumers who register for the This Coke’s on Us campaign will be able to spend the credit in participating restaurants between 17-21 June.

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