Amazon adds support for RFID tags to its Just Walk Out contactless store technology

Woman buying garment with RFID tag in Amazon Just Walk Out contactless store
CHECKOUT FREE: Just Walk Out with RFID is now live at Lumen Field, home of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks

Amazon is using RFID tags attached to individual product items to expand the range of outlets that can make use of its Just Walk Out technology to include clothing retailers and other non-food stores.

“RFID technology has been around for decades and is typically used by stores to track and manage inventory,” Jon Jenkins, Amazon’s vice president for Just Walk Out technology, explains.

“Given its prevalence in retail supply chains, we decided to figure out a way RFID could benefit customers in a checkout-free environment.

“And what we came up with is a new type of Just Walk Out technology store where customers can grab clothes, hats, shoes and more — and simply walk out of the store through an exit gate (even while wearing their purchases) by tapping their credit or debit card, or hovering their palm over an Amazon One palm recognition device. No more checkout lines for clothes!

“This new RFID capability for Just Walk Out technology is a first-of-its-kind for checkout-free tech. It is in addition to our computer vision-based offering, and will enable retailers to provide an expanded selection of clothing, apparel, and other softlines merchandise.”

“Every item for sale in the store has a unique RFID tag, which looks similar to a standard apparel tag. Customers simply enter the store, take what they like and leave through the exit gate… When they pass through the exit gate, the RFID tags in their clothing and other apparel are read by RFID readers, and the credit card they use to exit (or the payment information linked to their Amazon One profile) will be charged. Shortly after exiting the store, customers will be able to access their receipt at”

“We first piloted Just Walk Out technology with RFID at Climate Pledge Arena, in Seattle, Washington, for a few games at the end of Seattle Kraken’s ice hockey season earlier this year,” he adds.

“Validated by positive feedback from the Kraken fans and arena officials, we have now launched the technology at Lumen Field, home of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.”

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