Budapest pilots open loop contactless fare payments on airport shuttle bus

Person using bank card to make open loop contactless fare payments on airport shuttle bus in Budapest
PAY AND GO: Passengers can now pay using a contactless card on Budapest’s airport shuttle bus

Hungarian transit authority Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (BKK) has begun trialling an open loop contactless fare payment system that enables passengers to pay their fares on the 100E airport shuttle bus in Budapest by tapping an onboard validator with their physical or digital debit or credit card.

“Passengers are not required either to make a registration in an app or on another online interface and they are not required to hold a paper-based ticket until the end of their trip. They only need to use their bank card or smart device at the validators to be found onboard the vehicle,” the transit authority says.

BKK announced in November 2022 that it was planning to test open loop contactless ticketing on the airport shuttle bus and BKK launched the BudapestGO Mobility-as-a-Service app in February the same year.

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