Arizona Motor Vehicle Division lets residents check in for services with their mobile driving licence

Arizona mobile driving licence
DIGITAL IDENTITY: Arizona drivers can now use their mobile driving licence to check in to use services at the Scottsdale Department of Transportation office

Residents of the US state of Arizona can now use a digital driving licence stored on their smartphone to verify their identity when checking in to use services at the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (AZMVD) office in the city of Scottsdale.

The office is trialling a digital identification verification reader that enables users to check in by tapping or scanning their mobile driving licence (mDL) stored on their Apple or Android device.

During the pilot users will be able to use the service to authenticate contactless check-in but “the solution can also support transactions such as car title transfers, adding more efficiency to traditionally time-intensive experiences”, IT infrastructure provider Kyndryl says.

“This digital acceptance solution for mDLs uses biometric technology already present in mobile phones to validate the identity of the user, providing an added layer of security.

“Users can access their mDL for AZMVD transactions through a security-enabled app or in their phone’s native wallet as a standalone form of identification or alongside a physical ID card.

“The tap or scan functionality at the AZMVD works with all ISO 18013-5-compliant digital wallets.”

A short video shows how Arizonans can use and authenticate their digital ID with their smartphone.

The state rolled out support for digital driving licences and IDs in March 2022 and subsequently added support for digital credentials on Android devices.

The US state of Georgia has also now added support for Apple IDs

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