Las Vegas casino adds remote identity verification, biometric authentication and digital wallet payment for contactless gaming

Resorts World Las Vegas casino
STREAMLINED: Casino gamblers can now verify their ID and upload funds to a digital wallet before arrival

Gamblers visiting Resorts World Las Vegas can now register, verify their identity, join a loyalty program and upload funds to a dedicated digital wallet before they arrive at the resort, and will no longer have to confirm their identity with casino staff prior to purchasing gambling chips and placing contactless cashless bets at slot machines directly from their smartphone.

Resorts World’s newly upgraded digital wallet also supports biometric authentication and allows users to make payments for gaming and other onsite services and for purchases across the resort from a single wallet without needing to transfer funds between different accounts for different kinds of transaction.

“Before remote identity verification, in Nevada a patron could not use their account for cashless gaming until their ID was verified on property by a resort staff member. Resorts World Las Vegas is the first casino in Nevada to enable its guests to enrol, verify and fund from anywhere around the world in as little as a few minutes,” Resorts World explains.

“The Resorts World Las Vegas Mobile+ app is now the first omnichannel cashless wallet to use the biometric features on the patron’s mobile device for enhanced security and ease of use, and it’s also the first to deploy a single wallet.

“Previously, a guest would go through a two-step process to fund and then play cashless, having to move funds from their Play+ account into their wagering account before they could transfer funds to a slot machine or table game. The customer would have to then transfer the funds back to their Play+ account if they wanted to use their funds across the resort.

“Now this process occurs seamlessly behind the scenes, simplifying the user experience by enabling guests to play or spend their funds from a single wallet.”

Resorts World Las Vegas began enabling gamblers to purchase gambling chips and place contactless cashless bets at slot machines directly from a digital wallet on their mobile phone in June 2021.

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